Saturday, 10 November 2012


ECIS (European Council of International Schools) is an organization that has incredible professional development opportunities, especially for those of us working in international schools.  I was lucky enough to attend the annual conference last November in Lisbon, Portugal and I am looking forward to attending this years annual conference in just a few days in Nice, France!

I am wondering if any other school counsellors out there are also planning to attend?!  Let me know...
This year I will be participating in the 'Introducing Mindfulness Into International Schools' pre-conference with Chris Cullen, Co-Founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project.  Here is what it's all about (stay tuned for more):

Mindfulness is 'present moment awareness', and there's now considerable and 
compelling evidence that training in mindfulness is a very effective way of alleviating 
stress, anxiety and depression as well as promoting well-being and flourishing. This 
experiential workshop will provide an introduction to the theory and the practice of 
mindfulness, and will consider the growing evidence base for benefits that it offers for 
teachers and pupils. There will also be an introduction to the '.b' ['Stop & Breathe'] 
mindfulness curriculum for secondary schools that has been developed by the UK-based 
Mindfulness in Schools Project, in collaboration with Cambridge, Oxford and Exeter 

I look forward to learning more about the International Model for School Counselling, which is based on the ASCA National Model.  I hope to take some ideas back to my school to continue to develop our international school counselling program.  I will also be at the interest group for guidance and counseling and some of the following workshops:
Students in Transition, Neither Here Nor There- A Third Culture Kid Documentary for the Classroom and Beyond, Exploring Student Transition in the Context of the Corporate Overseas Assignment, The Fine Line Between Counseling and Special Education: Towards Closer Collaboration Part I and II and maybe an iPad class or two among many others.  

I can't wait to share with you all the things I take away from the ECIS conference!   Stay tuned for more!!!

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